The Battle is Real by Lavish AR Hair


Felicia has taken her third chemo treatment and her exact words were "the battle is real." 

Although she has not been as sick as the first time, she tells us she is starting to lose her taste-buds. We asked her how does food taste and she replied there is no taste. 

"I cook and I eat everything I cook because I know I have too. I can't taste the food but I want to stay healthy during my treatments." Felicia

We have a video to release so you can meet Felicia. As always Lavish AR Hair is rooting for Felicia to beat Breast Cancer. 

We decided to start a Fundraiser for her and her family. For every Full Price Purchase of Lavish AR International Virgin Hair products we are giving 5% to Felicia. We want to send her and her family on a vacation at the end of this. 

If you have Breast Cancer, has had it and beat it or knows someone with it, leave a message. Felicia can use all of the support she can get. 

Don't forget to find us on Facebook for more real time updates on Felicia! 

Written by Lashondra Graves 

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