• Felicia's Family Christmas Shopping Spree by Lavish AR Hair

    Felicia's Family Christmas Shopping Spree by Lavish AR Hair
    As a Lavish AR Hair mother and Lavish AR Hair grandmother I know how it feels to want a beautiful Christmas for your family. However; I don't know how it feels to not be able to provide for them.  Earlier this year we told you about Felicia. She is Lavish AR Hair  very special client who has breast cancer. Felicia is a fighter. 5 months...
  • The Battle is Real by Lavish AR Hair

    Felicia has taken her third chemo treatment and her exact words were "the battle is real."  Although she has not been as sick as the first time, she tells us she is starting to lose her taste-buds. We asked her how does food taste and she replied there is no taste.  "I cook and I eat everything I cook because I know I have...
  • Second Round of Chemotherapy

    Second Round of Chemotherapy
    "I feel great! I am so happy that I was able to detect the Breast Cancer Very Early. I feel like i have options. I urge Everyone to Stay on Top of Your Care. Early Detection is the second best thing to not having it!  Lavish AR International Virgin Hair Chicago I can wait for my Lavish AR Makeover! I'm coming at ya real...
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