Felicia's Family Christmas Shopping Spree by Lavish AR Hair


As a Lavish AR Hair mother and Lavish AR Hair grandmother I know how it feels to want a beautiful Christmas for your family. However; I don't know how it feels to not be able to provide for them. 

Earlier this year we told you about Felicia. She is Lavish AR Hair  very special client who has breast cancer. Felicia is a fighter. 5 months ago we told you of our support for her and since then she has been battling this Breast Cancer. 

Felicia is down to her last Chemotherapy treatment and will have a 3 week break before the operation. Felicia get's to keep her breast. She will only have the tumor removed. 

One other really important thing about Felicia is she is a hard working mother. She even accepted a job while taking her Chemotherapy. 

Lavish AR Hair is going to do something very special for our fighter. This Christmas we are sending Felicia and her two babies on a $2500 shopping spree and we need you help! 

You don't have to donate anything, all you have to do is buy hair! Yep, each hair purchase made at lavisher.com will bring us closer and closer to making this $2500 Christmas Shopping Spree Possible! 

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Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for realtime updates and every one who purchases hair during our campaign will get a ribbon with their name on it placed right on our website! 

Felicia's Family $2500 Christmas Shopping Spree

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