Meet Felicia, a Lavish AR International Customer Battling Breast Cancer


Sometimes life throws you unexpected Curve Balls, but you never expect them to come in the form of  Breast Cancer........

Lavish AR International has the honor of supporting and following a customer who has been thrown that unexpected, unwanted Curve Ball Breast Cancer. She is allowing us to tell her story and share her experience as she Fight and Survive Breast Cancer!

Meet Felicia. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer April of 2016. Felicia is married and a mother of 4 children whose ages range from 23 to 6 years old. She also has 2 granddaughters, one which was born earlier this year and the other granddaughter was born last year. Felicia spent most of her life taking care of others as a home care provider and nurse at nursing home facilities. 

Felicia, her husband and two youngest children

Felicia's Youngest Daughter and Two Granddaughters 

Felicia was very fortunate to have caught the Cancer at an early stage and since she did, was given several options of overcoming and fighting this. Right now she is going through a round of Chemotherapy. As a trooper she took her first round of treatment with little interruption in her life, "I was only down two days and the doctor said I would be down two weeks!" Felicia told us..

She took her second round of Chemotherapy on June 1st, 2016. Here is a photo of her and her husband after the treatment! 

Yes...Breast Cancer is a very intimidating Disease but you are only as weak when it comes to the fight as you feel. Your Attitude Determines your Altitude. 

Felicia has a strong support system and strong will to beat this disease...Lavish AR International feels very strongly that she will. 

Make sure to Follow Felicia's story as we create this Journal of her battle. 

Felicia......You Got This and We Know You Do! 

Next week we will go to Chemotherapy with Felicia and create a video to post with the next blog so that you can hear about Felicia's Battle through her own words! 

"I'm a Survivor" 

Written by Lashondra Graves 

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